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What do we do?

What do we do?

The object of our business activity is trade in mass agricultural and foodstuff products.

We provide feed mixing factories with feeds and components needed in the production of feed mixtures for all species of farm animals
, as well as all types of grains, oil crop meals, whey
and milk powder, oils for the production of fat-fortified feeds.

We import soybean meal,
groundnut extraction meal pellets and sunflower meal.

We offer mills Polish and foreign grains.

We offer oil mills
crude oils as well as rapeseed, while they sell us oil production by-products, such as rapeseed meal.

We are innovative. Thanks to our mother company’s experience, we introduce new technologies and feed components which, while either rarely known or completely unknown on our market, are very popular in other European countries.

During the years we have been in business, we got to know very well a vast number of farms. Farmers can be sure that we will offer them good prices for their grain.

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